For the most current resources and information about the district's continuous learning plan, please visit the following sites:

Resources for Parents
Resources for Staff

Vision: At BSIC, all students will become lifelong learners for a better tomorrow.
Mission: Empowering Excellence, Today and Tomorrow

Please call our school office to tell us the learning option you are choosing for your child: on-site or remote.


BSIC Counselors - Click Here for form
The BSIC counselors are here for students use the information provided in the link to contact them.  
By phone 11am - 1pm Mon -Fri
By EMail 8am - 4pm Mon-Fri
Lunch Schedule
11:36-12:01 am-A Shift
12:01-12:26 pm-B Shift
12:26-12:51 pm-C Shift