Continuous Learning

Week One March 30-April 3 You have 7 assignments on Showbie.  You get to choose which 4 out of the 7 you would like to complete.
See Showbie for links
Four 2020 Census-Near Pod Activities
Scholastic News-March 16, 2020 Edition pages 2-3  Citing Text Evidence and  pages 4-5 Close Reading
Science Spin pages 1-4 What's the Context?
Week Two April 6-April 9
You will have 3 assignments this week.  All 3 are NearPod activities. You will find the links on Showbie. You will need to have a piece of paper to take notes on while you are completing the first and last activity.
The Caste System in India, Earth's Systems-Continental Drift (will take more than 30 minutes), Exploring Mount Everest.
Week Three April 14-17
Week Four April 20-24
Week Five April 27-May 1
Week Six May 4-May 8
Week Seven May 11-15
Week Eight May 18-21