Online Learning Expectations

Online Learning Expectations

During this time of change it is important that we continue to follow expectations.  As we are changing to online classes the expectations are also changing.

Expectations for Students

Students are expected to log on each day to Showbie and the Teacher websites to view and complete work.

Students are required to fill out the QR code found on the teacher pages and Showbie by 9pm each day in order to receive credit and to be counted as present.

If a student does not fill out and submit the QR code by 9pm they will be counted absent and parents will be contacted.  If you are unable to complete the QR code or will be absent, please inform your teacher by noon the day BEFORE your absence.

Students are expected to complete work in a timely manner.  Assignments will be due on the due date. If you are unable to complete your assignment by the due date you must contact your teacher for an extension.  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Students will log on to Zoom meetings on time. (Within 3 minutes of start time)  If you can not be at a meeting on time it is your responsibility to advise your teacher BEFORE the meeting so that other arrangements can be made. 

Backgrounds during meetings are to be school appropriate. 

Students must follow dress code during meetings.  (Shirt and pants)

Do not take your iPad into the restroom during a Zoom meeting.

Students are not to interrupt the teacher during the meeting.  If you have questions, please use the ‘raise hand’ function and the teacher will call on you.

Students are not to use Zoom meetings to talk with other students unless instructed by the teacher.  (We have a limited amount of time for Zoom classes, students can talk with friends at another time.

Students need to be visible at all times during the Zoom meetings.

Please use the chat option to ask questions.

Please remember to use appropriate language and behavior.  Many people are home with families, and they will be watching us.  Be a good example for our school and show Bulldog PRIDE. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Showbie Discussion

Showbie: the Way to Submit | BiTE

Many assignments and activities will be assigned on Showbie it is the student’s responsibility to check daily on the work and discussion boards.

Students may use discussion boards to contact the teacher and other students.  However, discussions will be heavily monitored by the teacher and students will receive disciplinary action for misuse of discussion boards.·

Expectations will continue to evolve as necessary and will be communicated to you.