Art Lesson Plans for March 30th - April 3rd

Monday 3/30

Tuesday 3/31

Wednesday 4/1

Thursday 4/2

Friday 4/3

Welcome back –

Today please make sure you have gone into *Showbie and filled out the supply survey and then respond to the daily warm up prompt.

*Read the info about online expectation and leave me a message to show you have completed this and understand it.

*Go to the district web page, top left area there is a space that says select a school, go there find Bernadine Sitts Intermediate Center, click on it, once there, on the right side there is a space called teacher pages, click, go in and find my page. Once you find this take a screen shot and enter it in Showbie.

These are the primary tools I will be using to continue to teach you Art. As I add others I will let you know through these apps.

Today’s assignment, find something that is an example of each of the following colors, yellow, orange, red, purple/violet, blue and green.

Take a picture for each color save these, we will be working with them for a future assignment.

An added idea, might be to start keeping an art journal where you can record ideas, sketch, and try out techniques.

Good Day All –

Today we are going to take a selfie.

We will need this selfie for a few different projects, so be sure to save it.

Upload a copy of your selfie into Sketchsschool. You are going to choose either the pencil or skinny marker tip and trace your portrait.

Now you need to use the pencil or skinny marker and trace your self -portrait and background. Be sure to remove the photo to check to make sure you have all parts traced. Once you have all parts traced, save the image. You will also want to screen shot the image and load it into Showbie.

Thank you and have a great rest of the day.

Happy Wednesday,

I hope all is going well.

Today we are going to play with color families also known as color schemes.

You are going to use either a secondary color scheme or a primary color scheme.

Secondary color scheme would include only orange, green and purple/violet.

Primary color scheme would include only yellow, red and blue.

Whichever one you choose those are the only colors you can use to color in your outlined self -portrait. *Remember to save an outlined copy without any color, as I said yesterday we will use this for more than one assignment.

Once you have completed this part of the assignment, compare this to the original photo, how does color affect the way you feel about the image?

Compare and contrast the two images.

What do you like about each?

What do you not like about each?

Be sure to enter your color scheme portrait into Showbie as well as your responses.

Thank you have a great rest of your day.

We have worked with Primary and Secondary Colors now we need to work with Intermediate colors. These colors have a first and last name. The first name is always a primary color and the last name is always a secondary color. Examples would be Yellow Orange, Red Orange, Red Violet (Red Purple), Blue Violet (Blue Purple), Yellow Green and Blue Green.

Today I am going to have you go on a scavenger hunt to find and capture pictures of examples of each of these colors. How do you know if a color is yellow orange or orange or red orange?

Compare them with the images you captured the other day of you primary and secondary colors. Yellow orange should be more orange then yellow but more yellow then just orange. Do the same thing for each the 6 intermediate colors. Save these photos, we will be working with them for additional assignments.

We made it today is Friday.

I need your help, your feedback…

Ok, so how are things going so far, how long are art assignments taking you to do?

If you have any work for me from this week you have not completed please be sure to finish them today.

What have you learned so far this week?

Did you decide to keep an Art Journal?


Next week we are going to continue to work with color.


We will work into creating a painting.

If you do not have paint, you have two options available to you, they are to make your own or use Sketchsschool to digitally paint.

I am going to have a watercolor paint recipe you can use to make your own paints if you want.

If you don’t want to do this or don’t have the supplies, you can use the Sketchsschool app

and the watercolor paint brush as it layers paint and allows you to mix colors similar to using real paint.

If you have decided to make your own watercolor paints, you will need one of the following, either an empty Styrofoam or plastic egg carton, a plastic ice cube tray or 10-12 small containers (or plastic lids from juice, milk, pop, sports drinks, or water bottles).