Brandon Smith

Hi there! My name is Brandon S. Smith and I teach general music for 5th grade at BSIC. My goal of this class is to teach basic musical concepts to students and have them gain a bigger appreciation for music. I have kids learn basic piano in this class and I do it for multiple reasons. These reasons would be that this class was the one that revealed my love of music to me when I was in 5th grade. I also have kids learn performance skills because it allows them to not only understand basic musical concepts, like beats and pitch, but it also allows students to show their understanding as well as be able to manipulate these factors. I also love this because once you have kids start manipulating pitch or rhythm they start to want to be more creative and then it becomes fun for most of them. The final reason I do this is that it is the student's last chance of learning/playing an instrument before they're given the choice not to. I don't want any student to miss out on an opportunity to find a love for music, or playing it, so I use this last opportunity of theirs to ensure they don't miss out. brandon

I was born and raised in Garden City, Kansas and have been involved in music for about 12+ years. Within this short amount of time I have participated and played in orchestras, chamber ensembles, choirs, drum lines, bands, jazz bands, percussion ensembles, composition competitions, and piano recitals. Ever since I was in middle school I knew that I wanted to be a music educator and from that moment to this current one I have pursued this ambition and have worked hard to make sure I can be as knowledgeable and helpful as possible to all.