Jennifer Lauthen

Hello My Name Is...

Ms. Jennifer Lauthen

My name is Jennifer Lauthen, and this is my 15th year teaching.  I earned my teaching credential through Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA.  I began my teaching career in Palm Springs, California.  Then I taught in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  And I am grateful for the opportunity to now work at Bernadine Sitts Intermediate Center as a math teacher.  I have taught 5th grade through High School.

Math was my favorite subject as a student; I always enjoyed working with numbers.  When I became a teacher, I was sad to learn how many students have not found the joy in math yet.  It is my hope this year to inspire my students to grow as people of positive character and that they leave my class inspired and encouraged by all the great things they can do with numbers.

Some hobbies I enjoy are Geocaching, Escape Rooms with my friends, spending time playing games with family, and sipping on a good cup of coffee.

I am here to support students and their families as we all work together to support the continued growth and learning of these children.  Please contact me through e-mail so that I may be an effective support: [email protected]