Continuous Learning

Week One March 30-April 3 You have 7 assignments on Showbie.  You get to choose which 4 out of the 7 you would like to complete.
See Showbie for links
Four 2020 Census-Near Pod Activities
Scholastic News-March 16, 2020 Edition pages 2-3  Citing Text Evidence and  pages 4-5 Close Reading
Science Spin pages 1-4 What's the Context?
Week Two April 6-April 9
You will have 4 assignments this week.  All 4 are NearPod activities. You will find the links on Showbie. You will need to have a piece of paper to take notes.

Week Three April 14-17
You will have 5 assignments this week.  4 are NearPod activities. You will find the links on Showbie. The 5th assignment is a RACE Question, you will need to follow the rubric. 
Week Four April 20-24
You will have 3 assignments this week.  All 3 are NearPod activities.The first 2 are about Ancient China and the 3rd is for Earth Day. You will need to find something around your house that you were planning on throwing away, donating, or recycling and turn it into something useful.  You will then take pictures or create a video of your object before, during and after explaining what it was and now what it is.
Week Five April 27-May 1
This week, we will continue with Ancient China. You will have 5 NearPod activities.  The last activity will be the basis for your assignment next week.  You will choose one of the Ancient Chinese Inventions that you think is the most important and why in a 5 paragraph piece.
Week Six May 4-May 8

Week Seven May 11-15

Week Eight May 18-21