Sarah Clark

Mrs. Clark 
Hello! My name is Mrs. Clark. I am a 6th grade English Language Arts Teacher on Team 6B. I was born and raised in Kansas City but I am enjoying this Garden City life! I have worked with children of all ages and abilities my whole life and feel that it is a calling more than a profession. I am committed to helping all students learn, grow, and become more confident in their education and as an individual. 

Continuous Learning Plan

Daily Office Hours

9:30- 10:30am
12:30- 1:30pm


Showbie Codes
We will be using showbie for our main source of communication and assignments will be viewed and submitted through it.

Zoom Meetings
Every week at 2pm each homeroom will have a designated day for a live Q & A.
I will send the Meeting ID through Showbie.
Monday- Clark
Tuesday- Hahn
Wednesday- Hastings/Vigil